What is Comgem?

The Comgem ecommerce platform helps you sell more to your business-to-business customers online. It provides all the tools you need to grow your online sales.

With Comgem you'll have access to a flexible ecommerce toolkit to help you effectively target b2b customers online, sell more with less effort, and market your business. Comgem is a flexible and scalable b2b ecommerce platform that will grow with your business and adapt to every customer. You can create a personalised and streamlined shopping experience for every customer, no matter how complex.

Save 50% with Help to Grow Digital

Select one of the following Comgem ecommerce plans and save 50% for  your first 12 months with Help to Grow Digital.

  • Platform options included
  • Comgem Sell
  • Comgem Web
  • Comgem Cast
  • Comgem 360
  • Essentials
  • Number of admins included
  • SSL included
  • Hosting included
  • No transaction fees
  • UK support
  • Use your own domain
  • Customer success consultation
  • Customer success manager
  • Own email sending domain
  • Phone support
  • Platform sales per year


Important B2B ecommerce features to help you sell more to your business customers.

£125  per monthsave 50% for 12 months£250 per month after 12 months

apply now
  • 3
  • up to £500k


Includes everything on standard, as well as ability to create unlimited web pages.

£175  per monthsave 50% for 12 months£350 per month after 12 months

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  • 4
  • up to £1m


Includes everything on Plus, as well as marketing tools and greater personalisation.

£250  per monthsave 50% for 12 months£500 per month after 12 months

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  • 5
  • unlimited

What is Help to Grow Digital and how can it help your business?

Help to Grow Digital is a Government funded scheme for small and medium businesses looking to embrace the latest technologies like the Comgem b2b ecommerce platform.

It is designed to help eligible businesses increase sales with innovative software solutions, by reducing the cost to your business to adopt such technologies.  Businesses can save 50% (up to £5,000 per year) on approved Help to Grow ecommerce solutions such as the Comgem ecommerce platform.

How do you qualify for Help To Grow Digital?

To qualify for your 50% discount on the Comgem ecommerce platform, you will need to fulfil the following Help to Grow Digital criteria.

You have between 5 and 249 employees

You are a registered business in the UK (you will need a company number to apply)

You have been trading for a minimum of 12 months prior to applying 

You are a new Comgem customer

Not eligible?

Don't worry, you can still benefit from Comgem's powerful b2b ecommerce
platform even if you are not eligible for the Help To Grow Digital scheme.

Save 50% on Help to Grow approved ecommerce software


Select your plan

Choose the Comgem plan most suited for your requirements.



Go to the Help to Grow website and register your details for your discount.


Save 50%

Click on the Comgem link and start saving on your ecommerce platform. 

Get your 50% Help to Grow discount now!

Why choose Comgem?

Comgem makes it easy to get your b2b ecommerce website off the ground.

Simplify selling to business customers online

The Comgem b2b ecommerce platform makes it as easy as possible for your customers to buy from you online. It can cater for various types of customers with our flexible ecommerce permissions, as well as customer based pricing, authorisations and budgets. This gives your customers the ecommerce functionality they need to buy with confidence from your business.

Maintain control over your ecommerce website design & content

Create and edit stunning landing pages with our easy to use drag and drop content editor. You have full control over the look and feel of your website, and can stay on top of topical events with scheduled banners and quick and easy editing at any time.

Generate awareness and grow online sales

Build your brand awareness and promote the latest offers with Comgem's integrated ecommerce marketing solution. You can create tailored ecommerce promotions as well as design, send, and track professional email marketing campaigns. This helps build brand loyalty and keep your customers up to date on your latest offers.


Paul M.

"Our customers love it. It is very user friendly from their point of view and easy for us to update and maintain their core list with new products as required. We would highly recommmend Comgem to anyone that wishes to sell products online."

Rebecca H.

"Comgem has always accommodated our ecommerce requirements and allowed us to cater for the needs of our customers with a highly configurable platform. Comgem has made targeting different customer bases easy."

Apply for your 50% Help to Grow discount now!