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Comgem is a fully integrated b2b ecommerce, back office and marketing platform.

Discover our growing list of b2b ecommerce integrations including:

Comgem B2B ecommerce platform overview

Comgem is a powerful ecommerce platform. It has been designed to provide your customers with an exceptional online experience along with all the ecommerce and buying tools they need. Discover how Comgem can improve customer satisfaction, streamline your order processes, help you grow sales and target new customers in less than 90 seconds.

Ecommerce designed for business. 

The Comgem ecommerce platform is much more than a b2b online store. It encompasses four powerful cloud based solutions that provide you with all the tools you need to sell more with less effort. 

Comgem Sell

Simplify selling to business to business customers, with a powerful ecommerce platform that scales with your business.

Comgem 360

Manage your business from a single login, with visibility across your sales order processing. Improve satisfaction and deliver on time.

Build on-brand web pages that convey the right message when you need it most, with a flexible drag and drop content management system.

Email marketing that delivers. Create, send and track professional email marketing campaigns. Build brand awareness and grow sales.

Important b2b ecommerce features

Comgem provides you with an impressive list of b2b ecommerce features. Irrespective of who and what types of products you sell, you can be confident your Comgem ecommerce website will grow with your business.

Product management

  • Support for own and third party products
  • Advanced product merchandising options
  • Support for product variations

Customer management

  • Tools to drive customer loyalty
  • Manage complex customers
  • Control over customer permissions

Marketing management

  • Personalised customer experiences
  • Drive brand awareness
  • Manage promos and offers

Website management

  • Easily update and manage your website 
  • Drag and drop content editor
  • Support for multi-site management
  • Manage different content types

Pricing management

  • Support for complex pricing structures
  • Dynamically update pricing based on cost/RRP pricing
  • Support for quantity break pricing

Ecommerce tools

  • Customers can create multiple favourites lists
  • Create multiple saved baskets
  • Quick order functionality

Customer quotations

  • Customers can request quotations online
  • Allow customers to convert quotations via 'My Account.'

Order management

  • Allow customers to build their own baskets 
  • Manage authorisation processes online
  • Set cost centres on a line item basis
  • Customers can view order history

Ecommerce search

  • Flexible ecommerce search
  • Comprehensive filters and search refinement
  • Intellisearch suggestions as you type

Shipping managment

  • Comprehensive shipping options
  • Customers can manage multiple shipping addresses

Payment management

  • Integrate with leading payment gateways
  • Flexible payment options
  • Customers can control budgets and authorisations

Supplier integration

  • Seamless integration with your suppliers
  • See real time stock updates
  • Manage all of your suppliers in one place


Discover what our customers are saying about the Comgem ecommerce platform.

Paul U.
Comgem has always been flexible and responsive to our business needs
Joanne D.
All the ecommerce tools we need to create the best shopping experience for our customers

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Frequently asked b2b ecommerce questions (FAQ's)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding b2b ecommerce and setting up an new ecommerce website with Comgem.

What is a b2b ecommerce platform?

A B2B ecommerce platform is a platform where you can host your ecommerce website for the sale of goods or services between businesses through online transactions. B2B customers can include manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and any other type of B2B sellers. An online platform for these sellers is beneficial for the efficiency and effectiveness of sales, and managing the order to cash cycle. Comgem is a b2b ecommerce platform that will provide you with a stunning and streamlined website, as well as complete control over your sales processes, and the ability to provide your customers with a manageable and controlled account for a smooth and streamlined shopping experience.

The most important features of a b2b ecommerce platform will depend on what you’re looking for from your ecommerce platform provider. Here are some of the most important features that most b2b ecommerce wesbites will require:

  • Self service options
  • Restriction and authorisation options
  • Multiple favourites lists
  • Personalised customer portals
  • Customisable themes
  • Detailed product descriptions
  • Cross Sells
  • Granular customer controls

The best ecommerce platform for your business will depend on your specific business requirements and what you wish to achieve with your ecommerce website. There are many different aspects of a platform to consider when making a decision. These can include what features the platform provides, the aesthetics of the website you’re looking for, how well you can manage your orders and sales, the skill level and experience of your team, and much more.

Comgem is a vast and all-encompassing ecommerce platform that was designed specifically for B2B businesses, meaning you can tailor your website and experience to your specific and unique business needs, choosing from Comgems extensive range of features and service options.

The services you will require will depend entirely on how much support you wish to receive with your platform. Different platform providers will offer varying levels of support services.

With Comgem, you can opt in to our service options, including set up services, platform training sessions, monthly support hours, etc. You can opt in to any of these service options at any time during your set up, or if you need a refresher further down the line, we’re always happy to help!

Once you have found the right b2b ecommerce platform provider for you, you can build up your ecommerce platform using their tools, or allow your provider to build your ecommerce website for you based on your specifications – This will depend on the platform provider you choose and what services they provide.

With Comgem, you can have full control over your new ecommerce website. Including choosing your template and adding your content, through to your product and customer imports, using our easy-to-use system with access to unlimited use of the Comgem support platform, where you can find hundreds of guides and video tutorials to help you through the process. You can also opt in for support and training sessions from the expert members of our team.

A B2B (Business to business) ecommerce platform is a platform designed specifically for businesses to sell to other businesses via online transactions – The needs of a B2B business will usually be more complex and require specific features from their ecommerce platform to carry out their sales processes.

A B2C (Business to customer) ecommerce platform is a platform for businesses to sell to individual customers. This is the same concept as a B2B ecommerce platform, but will usually be much less complex in nature and require basic sales order management features.

If you are a B2B ecommerce business, it is beneficial to choose an ecommerce platform provider that is built specifically for the B2B industry, and can be tailored around your specific business requirements -So you can get the most out of your website, and ensure your business customers benefit from a streamlined and convenient shopping experience.