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B2B ecommerce & ERP integration

Say goodbye to messy data. Our integrations make your Comgem platform work smarter. Our integration experts will link Comgem to your other systems, so data flows smoothly and your business runs like a well-oiled machine.

Connect your Comgem platform to everything

Tired of copying data back and forth between different systems? Our integrations let your Comgem store "talk" to your accounting software, CRM, and more – saving you tons of time and effort.

  • No more double-entry: Stop wasting time manually transferring orders, customer data, and more.
  • Work smarter, not harder: Automate tasks and let your systems do the heavy lifting for you.
  • Make better decisions: Get a complete view of your business with data flowing freely.

What we integrate?

  • Popular tools: We'll connect Comgem to the systems you already use, like accounting software, and suppliers.
  • Custom solutions: Need to connect with something unique? We'll build a custom integration just for you.

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Our integration process

Requesting a quote

Absolutely! If you require an integration with a system we haven't supported before, just reach out. Our team will assess your needs and feasibility to create a custom solution.

Integration costs vary depending on complexity. Some pre-built options are included with our platform, while others require setup fees. Custom integrations start from £5,995 + VAT for third-party systems, £1,995 + VAT for EDI suppliers, and £595 + VAT for payment gateways. Contact us for a specific quote based on your needs.

Timeframes vary. Pre-built integrations typically take minutes to days to configure, while custom integrations can take 8-12 weeks depending on complexity. Contact us for a more accurate estimate for your specific case.

Visit our integrations page for detailed information on features and functionalities offered by each pre-built integration: Pre-built integrations

The more information you can provide, the better! Developer documentation helps us understand the integration requirements. If unavailable, a technical contact is useful. We'll then ask specific questions to assess feasibility and data needed for seamless integration.

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