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B2B ecommerce & ERP for operations

Helping your operations team to keep orders moving. Get orders out the door quickly, reduce errors, and give your customers a seamless buying experience. Comgem helps you manage everything from order processing to shipping and inventory, saving you time and money.

Use customer data to improve your operations

See what your customers are buying, when they're buying it, and how they like to be contacted. Use this information to improve your inventory forecasting, personalise your offers, and provide amazing customer service.

Get to know your customers

Spend less time on orders, more time on growth

Automate tasks like order confirmation, shipping updates, and inventory adjustments. Get real-time tracking on every order, so you can quickly answer customer questions and spot potential problems.

Save time managing orders

Never run out of stock (or buy too much) again

Comgem helps you keep the right amount of stock on hand, so you can fill orders quickly without tying up cash in unnecessary inventory. Get alerts when stock is low and automatically create purchase orders to stay ahead of demand.

Optimise your inventory

Get the data you need to make better decisions

Stop wasting time on manual tasks and get the date you need to improve what you do. Comgem automates repetitive work and gives you easy-to-understand reports on sales, inventory, and more.

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