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Custom B2B ecommerce development

Want to take your Comgem store to the next level? Our custom ecommerce development experts build unique features and integrations that perfectly match your business needs.

Powerful platform + flexible customisation

Want your Comgem platform to do things other stores can't? Our custom development solutions give you the power to tailor Comgem to your exact needs.

  • Tailored to your needs We'll customise your Comgem platform to streamline your processes, improve the customer experience, and achieve your growth goals.
  • Seamless integrations Connect Comgem with your existing systems for a smooth, efficient workflow.
  • Competitive edge Differentiate your business with a Comgem store that showcases your unique value.

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custom ecommerce development

Our proven process for custom developments

ecommerce software development

Yes, we offer two options: standard development, scheduled based on our availability, and expedited development for specific deadlines. This is a premium service and its availability isn't guaranteed. Discuss your deadline with us in Step 1, so we can check for fast-track slots and provide a quote. If you choose Fast-track and later change your mind, you'll be charged the higher rate.

Costs vary depending on the complexity and resource requirements of your project. A small change might cost £500+ VAT, while a new module could cost £10,000+ VAT or more. We'll provide you with a detailed quote before any development begins.

We have a proven process to define your needs and ensure you're happy with the proposed solution before development starts. The planning phase is crucial, so providing clear requirements and examples is essential. We'll then define user acceptance criteria (UAC) based on your examples, which will be used to test and verify if the development meets your expectations. While minor changes to UAC are possible post-development, they'll require a change request and additional quote.

Changes can occur, and new scenarios may arise. However, any changes will require a change request. We'll document the change, provide a quote, and adjust the timeline accordingly. Remember, a change is any scenario not defined in the agreed-upon UAC.

Yes! We guarantee that our custom development operates as per the agreed-upon UAC, so there are no unexpected surprises. We also offer a 90-day post-launch warranty. If an issue arises that fails the UAC during this timeframe, we'll fix it at no cost to ensure it meets the defined criteria.

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