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Base Handling Products

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Base Handling Products, a leading manufacturer of customised handling solutions, needed a website that effectively showcased their diverse product range, generated qualified leads, and reflected their expertise. Their existing website lacked the functionality and design to fully engage customers and capture their specific needs.


Comgem partnered with Base Handling Products to develop a custom-built website on the Comgem platform. This solution included:

  • Customised product catalogue: High-quality images, detailed descriptions, and technical specifications for clear product understanding.
  • Compelling media content: Embedded videos, PDFs, and 3D CAD models for an immersive customer experience.
  • Cross-selling functionality: Enabling customers to discover related products based on their needs.
  • Quotation request & enquiry Forms: Streamlined process for potential customers to connect with Base Handling.
  • Custom design & implementation: Tailored look and feel reflecting Base Handling's brand identity.
  • Advanced SEO: Optimised content and structure for top search engine rankings.


  • Increased website traffic and user engagement.
  • Steady flow of qualified leads and enquiries.
  • Improved conversion rates through enhanced product information.
  • Streamlined customer experience with easy product exploration and contact options.
  • Strong brand presence and online visibility.

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