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B2B ecommerce & ERP for marketing teams

Help your marketing team attract more customers. Find the right B2B buyers, engage them with personalised messages, and turn them into loyal customers. Comgem gives your marketing team the tools to create targeted campaigns, automate your marketing, and track what's working.

Know your customers better for smarter marketing

Get the full picture of each B2B customer – what they buy, how they interact with your business, and what matters to them. Use this information to send the right offers at the right time, creating personalised experiences that boost engagement and sales.

Get to know your customers

Simplify your B2B marketing & get results

Save time and get better results with Comgem's easy-to-use marketing tools. Create campaigns, send emails, track your progress, and see what's working – all in one place. Make changes quickly based on data, so you can stop guessing and start growing.

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Create content that gets your B2B customers excited

Write compelling descriptions, helpful blog posts, and pages that convert visitors into buyers. Easily personalise content for different customers, so everyone feels like you're speaking directly to them.

Create personalised customer experiences

Build relationships & boost sales with email

Send personalised emails that get your B2B customers' attention. Target your messages based on their interests or past purchases, and even automate emails to save you time. Comgem makes it easy to nurture leads, win back lost customers, and grow your business.

Grow your sales with email marketing

Skyrocket B2B sales: Maximise order size & customer loyalty

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