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Comgem's all-in-one B2B ecommerce platform

Built for growth, Comgem's powerful B2B ecommerce platform revolutionises how UK businesses sell online. Our all-in-one solution goes beyond a traditional online store, offering a fully integrated suite of tools that streamline your entire operation.

What is B2B ecommerce?

B2B ecommerce isn't just about buying and selling online—it's about overcoming the complex challenges that traditional business models present. Slow, manual processes? Disjointed systems? Limited customer reach? B2B ecommerce offers a solution.

B2B ecommerce transforms the way businesses operate. By automating tasks, expanding your market reach, and offering tailored experiences to each customer, B2B ecommerce platforms like Comgem unlock new levels of efficiency and growth. It's the solution to the complex B2B sales cycle, empowering businesses to connect with customers more effectively, reduce costs, and stay ahead of the competition.

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Why Comgem is the UK's best B2B ecommerce platform?

  • Built for B2B, not adapted from B2C Many B2B businesses struggle with generic ecommerce platforms designed for consumers, lacking the features and flexibility needed for complex B2B sales. Comgem is purpose-built for B2B, with features like custom pricing, bulk ordering, customer-specific catalogues, and quote management.
  • Pricing power and flexbility B2B pricing is often complex, with negotiated rates, volume discounts, and customer-specific tiers. Standard ecommerce platforms often lack the tools to manage this. Our dynamic pricing engine allows for real-time price adjustments, volume-based discounts, and personalised pricing for each customer, maximising profitability.
  • Streamlines quote-to-order process The B2B sales cycle often involves lengthy quote requests and manual order processing, leading to delays and lost opportunities. Our platform simplifies the quote-to-order process with automated quote generation, online approvals, and seamless conversion into orders, speeding up sales cycles.
  • Seamless integration with ERP, CRM, and CMS Many businesses struggle to integrate their ecommerce platform with their existing systems, leading to data silos and inefficient workflows. Comgem offers out-of-the-box integration with our ERP, CRM, and CMS solution, ensuring smooth data flow and a unified view of the customer.

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B2B vs B2C ecommerce: Why your business needs a B2B ecommerce platform

B2B and B2C ecommerce both involve selling online, but the similarities end there. Understanding these key differences is crucial for choosing the right B2B ecommerce platform for your business:

  • Target Audience: B2B ecommerce targets businesses, while B2C ecommerce targets individual consumers.
  • Complexity: B2B transactions tend to be more complex, involving larger order quantities, negotiated contracts, and customised pricing. B2C transactions are typically simpler and involve individual purchases.
  • Customer Relationships:B2B ecommerce focuses on building and nurturing long-term relationships with business customers, often involving personalised content and loyalty programs. B2C transactions are often one-off purchases with a focus on immediate satisfaction.
  • Product Catalogue:B2B ecommerce platforms may have specialised features for managing complex product catalogues, such as bulk ordering and product variations. B2C platforms prioritise user-friendly interfaces and consumer-focused features.
  • Pricing: B2B pricing is often negotiated and can vary based on factors like order volume and customer agreements. B2C pricing is typically fixed and consistent for all consumers.

In essence, B2B ecommerce platforms are built to handle the intricacies of business relationships and complex transactions, while B2C platforms provide a streamlined and consumer-centric shopping experience.

Don't settle for a B2C ecommerce platform that falls short of your B2B needs. Choose Comgem for a B2B ecommerce solution that's built for your business.

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Trusted UK B2B ecommerce & ERP platform with real results

11,094%Average return on investment
20 yearsEstablished in 2004
31.8%Average increase in order values
5*Capterra & Google reviews

Trusted by leading B2B businesses

Award winning and short-listed B2B ecommmerce platform.

Your B2B ecommerce advantage

Comgem's B2B ecommerce platform doesn't just help you sell online—it empowers you to take control of your brand, streamline operations, and drive growth. Our intuitive content management system (CMS) is designed to make managing your online presence effortless, so you can focus on what matters most: building your business.

Ecommerce content management

Comgem's intuitive ecommerce content management system is a powerful tool in your arsenal. Here's how it can benefit your business:

  • Drag-and-drop design: Craft stunning B2B websites with a user-friendly interface, ensuring brand consistency and attracting customers.
  • Granular user permissions: Control access levels seamlessly. Assign specific permissions to each team member, empowering them while maintaining security.
  • Multiple shipping options: Offer a smooth shopping experience with flexible shipping choices, rates, and delivery methods.
  • Manage multiple brands or websites targeting different segments effortlessly. Comgem simplifies everything with a single login, eliminating platform juggling.
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Game-Changing B2B Pricing Management

Pricing is a critical factor in your B2B ecommerce strategy. Comgem offers a robust set of pricing management tools that empower you to optimise profitability. Here's how it works:

  • Prioritised Pricing Layers: Take control by creating prioritised pricing layers for specific customer segments, accounts, contracts, or volume tiers. Tailor pricing to meet the unique needs of different customers.
  • Flexible Matrix-Based Pricing Rules: Comgem's platform offers flexible matrix-based pricing rules, simplifying price adjustments based on predefined rules. Say goodbye to manual price updates.
  • Dynamic, Real-Time Pricing Updates: Maximise profits with dynamic, real-time pricing updates. Adjust margins and markups on the fly, ensuring your prices align with desired profitability.
  • Encourage Volume Purchases: Leverage Comgem's quantity break pricing feature to incentivise customers to buy more, boosting your sales and bottom line.
  • Ecommerce Promotions: Manage flash sales, limited-time promotions, and special offers with ease. Highlight them with eye-catching pricing overlays to grab your customers' attention.

Revolutionise Sales Quoting

In B2B ecommerce, sales quoting is a critical component of the sales process. Comgem's platform simplifies this process and enhances the customer experience:

  • Effortless Quote Tracking: Keep track of every quote effortlessly with Comgem's B2B ecommerce platform. No more lost or forgotten quotes; you'll have a clear overview of each one.
  • Profitability Insights: Gain insights into the profitability of every line item. This visibility enables informed decisions that drive your bottom line and lead to more conversions.
  • Customer-Initiated Quotes: Allow your customers to request quotes directly through your website. Eliminate manual processes, save time, and create a seamless experience that encourages repeat business.
  • Seamless Integration with Orders: Seamlessly integrate quotes with your order processes, ensuring a smooth transition from quote to order fulfillment.
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