Extraordinary B2C Ecommerce 

One of the main aspects that differentiates Comgem from other B2B ecommerce solutions is its flexible B2C offering.

Our beautifully designed, responsive B2C ecommerce website allows you to sell your products online and accept payments whilst providing an optimum user experience, irrespective of your customers browsing device.

ecommerce platform - online shopping experience

Why Customers Love Comgem B2C Ecommerce Solution?

For Businesses using Comgem for their B2B website, our proven B2C Ecommerce Solution is a natural progression if you are looking to target consumers. 

  • Effectively merchandise your products online
  • Flexible categorisation including category based content
  • Powerful ecommerce search engine including search customisation
  • Advanced support for product variations
  • Support for product personalisation (a big opportunity for online retailers)
  • Comprehensive shipping rules
  • Provide your customers a choice of payment options (including Finance Options)
  • Advanced marketing options including ecommerce marketing automation
  • Integrated online experience (including Google, Amazon and eBay)
  • Flexible responsive design options 

If you would like a demo of an award winning Ecommerce Solution which has been recognised for its Technological Innovation, please contact us on  01656 330 360.

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