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Comgem 360 is a comprehensive back office and sales order processing system that allows you to manage the entire order-to-cash process. It is is a unified sales and purchasing platform that helps you streamline your business processes so you can focus on developing new revenue streams.

Sales order processing

Comgem 360 provides comprehensive sales order management features that ensures your sales team have all of the information needed to delight customers and maximise profit margins. 

With Comgem 360, you can manage the entire process from initial opportunity, to quote creation, to repeat order management. At the point of order you can see real-time cost updates and stock availability, ensuring you provide accurate delivery expectations to your customers. Comgem 360’s unique trading hub provides a birds eye view as to the status of every order, ensuring all orders are processed efficiently.

Sales order processing

Customer relationship management

Customer relationship management (CRM)

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers in terms of their purchasing history and what makes them tick.

Never forget an important call or meeting with our integrated task manager and calendar view. Capture opportunities and keep track as they result in more business. In addition to getting a birds eye view of existing customers, Comgem 360 includes lead management - so you can track the full lifecycle of your customers from initial contact to loyal repeat customer.

Intelligent pricing

Have complete control over your pricing and benefit from the option of intelligent pricing, whereby your price structure fluctuates as your cost and RRP base changes. Furthermore, with Comgem 360 you can easily manage customer based contracts, as well as the flexibility to set up other pricing structures including segment, supplier, matrix, category, or contract based pricing.

Intelligent pricing

Purchasing and supplier management

Purchasing & supplier management

Optimise how you buy and streamline your purchasing processes. Comgem 360 can integrate with leading suppliers, providing you with product information, stock, and cost visibility. As well as cater for electronic ordering. Provide flexibility for back-to-back ordering or stock replenishment

Invoicing & accounting

Automate the creation and sending of sales invoices and credits, whilst purchase invoices and credits can be pulled from suppliers with electronic trading enabled. With flexibility to manage invoice generation wizard, due dates, and create consolidated invoices, with Comgem 360 you can be sure you'll get paid on time. Once your invoices are created, they can be pushed into one of the leading accounting solutions including Sage50, Sage200, or Xero. As customers pay their invoices, this is automatically updated in Comgem 360.

Invoicing and accounting

Reporting and dashboards

Reporting & dashboards

Comgem 360 provides a 360° view of your business operations.
In addition to a suite of standard reports, you are able to create your own reports using the easy to use query builder.
Here, you can select any number of data sets ranging from abandoned baskets to customer contacts, to pricing rules. So you can create reports that are important to your business, and schedule them to run as and when required.
Additionally, Comgem 360 includes a user friendly dashboard, and provides you with the option to create multiple dashboards consisting of different widgets which you can edit.

Ecommerce back office solution

Comgem is a powerful ecommerce back office solution that helps businesses streamline their entire order to cash cycle. Our system is highly flexible, allowing businesses to customise it to their specific needs. Comgem provides a complete suite of features, including order management, invoicing, payment processing, and shipping.

The system is designed to be scalable, so it can grow with your business. Comgem includes an integrated ecommerce platform, making it easy to get started. If you're looking for a comprehensive ecommerce back office solution, Comgem is the right choice for you.