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Your product data is an important asset. Manage your products using the Gemsuite Ecommerce Solution in a single location where all product information is securely stored and shared.

Effective Ecommerce Product Management

Whether it’s product descriptions, images, media files or attributes, Gemsuite product management system will allow you to optimise your content for multiple channels. It can also help you with the introduction of new products – getting them to market sooner or when pulling together that important pitch.

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Ecommerce Product Management features:
  • Maintain comprehensive product records
  • Centralised management of product information
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Manage product data templates ensuring data consistency
  • Flexible import & export manager
  • Cross reference product codes
  • Support for variation products
  • Improved accountability with comprehensive audit
  • Data management tools for ease of bulk product updates
  • Pull data from mutliple sources and flexible data sharing
  • Product updates made in real time
  • Comprehensive pricing tracker
  • Secure storing of product images & media