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B2B ecommerce custom catalogues

Give every customer their own product catalogue. Don't make all your customers browse the same giant catalogue. Comgem lets you create custom product lists for different customer groups, so they only see the items that are relevant to them. This saves them time and helps you make more sales.

Personalise your product offerings for every customer

  • Show the right products to the right customers: Easily control which products, categories, or even entire suppliers each customer group can see.
  • Make ordering easy for business customers: Give your B2B clients a custom catalog with their contract pricing, so they always find what they need quickly.
  • Offer exclusive products: Create products or variations that are only available to specific customers or groups.
  • Boost customer loyalty: Show customers you understand their needs by tailoring their shopping experience.

Skyrocket B2B sales: Maximise order size & customer loyalty

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