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Categorise your products the way your customers shop

Don't make shoppers wade through irrelevant products! Comgem gives you powerful tools to organise your categories, add helpful information, and improve search results.
Happy customers = more sales.

Category management made simple

  • Build categories that make sense: Easily create, name, and arrange categories to match how your customers think about your products.
  • Help customers find what they need: Let customers filter products by important features (size, colour, material, etc.) within each category.
  • Get found on search engines (SEO): Add keywords and descriptions to your categories to improve your search rankings.
  • Make your categories look great: Add images and detailed descriptions to help customers learn more and make confident buying decisions.
  • Customise how products are displayed: Choose the best way to show products within each category – lists, image tiles, or a combination!

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