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Give your products the visuals they deserve

Attract more customers and sell more products with beautiful product images, videos, and downloadable resources. Comgem makes it easy to manage your media and create stunning product listings.

Effective product imagery

  • Showcase products with multiple images: Let customers see every angle of your products before they buy.
  • Include videos & documents: Provide product demos, spec sheets, installation guides, or anything else your customers might need.
  • Image zoom: Help customers see important details up close.
  • Optimise images for search: Make sure your products show up in search results with the right keywords (alt tags).
  • Organise your media: Easily find and manage all the images and documents for each product.
  • Find missing or outdated images: Quickly identify products that need better visuals.

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b2b ecommerce integrations
b2b ecommerce integrations

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