Gemsuite simplifies the management of inventory. With complete visibility of product availability you won’t run the risk of overselling items that are no longer in-stock.

Flexible Stock Management

Gemsuite empowers you to maintain control over your product stock and inventory levels.

Not only can we track physical stock held within your warehouses, our flexible Inventory Management system integrates with your suppliers to provide accurate stock availability for lines that you don’t physically hold.

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Our Stock & Inventory Management Features include:
  • Manage stock across multiple warehouses & locations
  • Pull supplier stock levels
  • Define stock statuses & manage the flow of your stock
  • Improved visibility of stock for reporting & ordering
  • Set auto-order thresholds for individual product lines
  • Automatically generate picking lists to faciliate order fulfilment
  • Define stock management rules
  • Easily identify any stock gaps
  • Manage stock availability rules
  • Plus much more...