Save time, money & effort with ecommerce automation. From updating customer pricing, through to sending orders and delivering exceptional customer service, Gemsuite's powerful ecommerce automation module will change the way you run your business.

Introducing Brain behind your Ecommerce AI

Gemsuite Business Automation & Ecommerce Artificial Intelligence (AI) automates those time consuming laborious business processes. Whether it is setting up a task once a particular job is done – or sending orders between different solutions, our platform can help you automate business processes.

A good business automation solution will not only help you save time, but money too. It can allow you to free up your team so they can focus on activities that will add some real value to your business.

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intelligent business automation
Our Ecommerce Automation solutions include:
  • Sending orders to suppliers including threshold rules & back to back
  • Updating of stock levels based on supplier stock availability
  • Adjusting your pricing based on cost changes
  • Integrating with existing systems & back office platforms
  • Automatically updating customers based on order changes
  • Define complex business rules based on triggers
  • Automatically build your lists with dyanmic list builder
  • Dynamic report builder