Make it easy for your business to business customers to buy from you online

Comgem Sell provides you with all of the b2b ecommerce tools needed to create a personalised online shopping experience for your business to business customers.

Personalised customer experiences 

Tailor your ecommerce website to each individual customer by turning features on or off, as well as creating customer-branded portals for an extra wow factor.

Customer purchasing controls

Using a combination of budgets, restricted catalogues, and product access bandings, you can control what end-users can buy, along with authorisation levels.

Flexible client self-serve options

Allow selected end-users to create new staff members and permissions, as well as access to advanced reporting and functionality, including quotes and multi-list favourites.

Powerful product merchandising and upsell opportunities

Comgem Sell includes a comprehensive product management system that allows you to sell any number of products including variations. You have all the tools needed to create product detail pages that will sell more  - including support for upsells and media content. Our comprehensive import templates allow you to manage your products on mass, whilst maintaining high quality rich data.

Comprehensive ecommerce search and refinement options

Empower customers to find what they are looking for in a quick and efficient manner.

With options for ecommerce search suggestions, powerful faceted filters. customers can locate products easily using the Comgem sell ecommerce platform. 

Open your ecommerce website to end-users and homeworkers

With Comgem Sell you can open your ecommerce webstore to non business to business customers, or business customers who need to work from home. Allow end users to register online for an account, and pay using one of the leading payment gateways. You can manage what products they can access and the price point they receive. Additionally, give business customers the option to work from home with contact based shipping addresses only they can see.

Intelligent and flexible pricing 

In addition to fixed pricing, save time with dynamic pricing based on RRP & cost changes. With flexibility to apply across the board, on a specific segment, account, or contact.

Promotions and discounts

Precisely target and incentivise customers to buy more with support for quantity discounts and flexible promotions, including free products and discounts.

Flexible shipping management         

Maintain control over shipping costs with support for threshold delivery options and breaking basket delivery charges by individual suppliers, maintaining order profitability.

Options to enhance your b2b ecommerce website

If you are looking to take your ecommerce website to the next level, Comgem Sell provides a number of optional extras.

Custom Ecommerce Design 

Elevate your ecommerce website with a custom designed web store. Our design team will work with you on a tailor-made design.

Marketing Module

Drive more traffic and increase customer spending by creating, sending and tracking targeted email marketing campaigns, without working across different platforms. 

Ecommerce Integrations

Flexibility to integrate with leading payment gateways, suppliers, and third party systems, in addition to seamless integration with Comgem 360.                    

Product Personalisation

Allow your customers to personalise products by uploading a logo or text. Our product personalisation module is ideal for clothing and promotional products.

Document & Resource Management

Deliver rich targeted content including downloadable brochures and video content, and track who is accessing your content.

Fully integrated ecommerce platform

Comgem is a fully integrated ecommerce platform that helps businesses to manage and sell their products online. Our platform provides a complete set of features and tools to help businesses grow their online presence and sales. Our platform is scalable and can be customised to meet the specific needs of businesses. Comgem is the best solution for businesses that want to sell their products online. test.