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B2B ecommerce permissions

Manage customers & permissions the way you want. Comgem gives you the tools to easily set up different types of customer accounts, control what they see, and manage complex orders. Whether you're selling to individuals, businesses with multiple locations, or a mix of both, our platform makes it easy for them to do business with you.

Easily manage different customer types and permissions

  • Manage different customer types: Set up accounts for individual shoppers, business clients with multiple users, and even allow guest checkout.
  • Support multiple delivery locations: Make it easy for customers to manage orders going to different branches, warehouses, or job sites.
  • Customer-specific pricing & products: Show different prices, discounts, and products to different customers. 
  • Control what customers can do: Limit who can place orders, who can see invoices, and what features each user gets access to.
  • Easy setup & customisation: Save time with default permissions for different customer groups and the ability to quickly copy and customise them as needed.

Skyrocket B2B sales: Maximise order size & customer loyalty

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