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B2B ecommerce shipping

Give your customers the shipping options they want. Stop struggling with one-size-fits-all shipping. With Comgem, you can offer different delivery choices based on what your customers buy, where they're located, and what kind of customer they are. Give them the flexibility they expect and get your products to them faster.

Give your customers flexible delivery choices

  • Flexible shipping rates: Charge different rates based on order size, product type, or customer location.
  • Fast shipping options: Offer next-day or express delivery to customers who need their orders quickly.
  • Local delivery: Set up special delivery options or rates for customers in your area.
  • Customer-specific shipping: Create special shipping offers for your best customers or specific customer groups.
  • Easy to manage: Comgem makes it simple to set up and manage your shipping options, saving you time and hassle.

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