Huge Growth Potential Still Untapped By A Third of Distributors

At a time when B2B ecommerce is booming, it is estimated that up to a third of distributors in the UK have no revenue-generating online presence in the marketplace. While nearly all in the sector have a website, just two-thirds actually sell their services online. This oversight has been singled out as the number one reason while many will struggle in 2020.

In the US, where distributors were among the first in the B2B space to embrace ecommerce, around 40 per cent of their business is said to be generated online. That figure was less than 30 per cent eighteen months ago, highlighting the growth in customer attraction, engagement and conversion over the web. If your business is still hiding sales clicks behind gated content or requires a more formal approach, how will it compete in a marketplace quickly adapting to automated sales?

Ecommerce solutions for distributors

Comgem, the developer behind cloud-based B2B ecommerce platform Gemsuite, said distributors are confused by what ecommerce actually is. Commercial director Dani Attard explains: “Ecommerce makes sales possible in just a few clicks. It negates the need for intensive use of traditional sales tactics and actually makes a distribution business leaner and more streamlined. Modern platforms reduce admin by offering customers the self-service tools they are used to using and combine data for on and offline sales in one simple-to-use business solution.”

Award-winning, Gemsuite offers effortless integration and tools that make it easy to track important data. It lets distributors create powerful landing pages and boasts a simple but effective drag and drop content management system. Not only that, it benefits from a best in class marketing suite that includes customer segmentation. Other benefits include: greater visibility online; ability to reach new audiences; power to support the most complex business relationships.

Gemsuite and the distribution sector

Used by distributors and wholesales, Gemsuite was developed in the UK. Its world-class support is based at Comgem’s HQ in Wales, where a dedicated team earlier this year achieved an impressive 100 per cent satisfaction level. If you are in the distribution business and feel your online presence is letting you down, talk to experts who know your industry inside out and are committed to helping you up your game in fast-growing online marketplace.

To learn more about Gemsuite, visit Comgem or call 01656 330 360.