A Flexible Ecommerce Solution for Distributors and Wholesalers

Discover the innovative Wholesale & Distributor ecommerce platform that increases visibility of your product range while supporting the way your business works.

Gemsuite is the award-winning B2B Ecommerce platform that is helping distributors and wholesalers reach new audiences. Developed by Comgem, it combines user-friendly design with advanced features. Our industry-leading ecommerce platform includes an ordering portal for resellers to buy your products. It offers real-time stock availability and pricing, as well as powerful product merchandising tools.

B2B Ecommerce for Distributors & Wholesalers

Distributors and wholesalers recommend Comgem’s powerful cloud-based Trade Ecommerce solution because it supports complex buying relationships. Gemsuite’s comprehensive Ecommerce CRM delivers the distributor ecommerce solution your resellers will love. You can manage data centrally while giving resellers the option to have their own branded website. Gemsuite adapts to your business, offering flexible, seamless solutions that support growth.

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Seamless B2B Ecommerce for Distributors & Wholesalers

Discover how distributors and wholesalers are increasing their visibility and sales with Gemsuite’s powerful, flexible ecommerce features. Gemsuite is the B2B Ecommerce platform designed to improve the user experience. Its features put you in control.

  • List your products in a catalogue that boosts visibility
  • Give resellers an ordering portal
  • Allow resellers to have their own branded web store
  • Powerful merchandising & revenue generation tools
  • Manage your order thresholds
  • Provide support for account based customers
  • Support for quantity breaks
  • Easy pricing management and tiered shipping rules

Explore What Gemsuite Does for Distributors and Wholesalers



Use Gemsuite’s multisite option to seamlessly sell through resellers. Boost visibility of your products with catalogues that increase sales. Benefit from a comprehensive CRM that helps resellers while giving you control of data.



Distributors and wholesalers love our flexible integration. Manage different rules, including stock thresholds & pricing. Integrate resellers, manage pricing and shipping rules. Benefit from support for quantity breaks and stipulate order thresholds.



Deliver a consistent customer experience regardless of the customer’s browsing device or channel. Gemsuite ensures you have a detailed customer history at your fingertips. Sales teams utilise this information to exceed customer expectations.



Benefit from real-time stock and pricing updates. Automatically fulfil orders with a B2B ecommerce platform that integrates with your distribution or wholesale processes. Boost sales with an ordering portal specifically designed for resellers.



Comgem delivers the tools you need to maintain and merchandise your wholesale products in real-time. Use Gemsuite to easily update product ranges. Share them with resellers and others via multiple channels. Sell more by managing multiple brands and sites from one easy-to-use platform.



Comgem’s B2B ecommerce platform automates and streamlines repetitive tasks for distributors and wholesalers. Use Gemsuite to update your stock levels and reseller/customer orders. Manage customer communications. Distributors and wholesalers save an average of 40 hours a month with Gemsuite.

mCommerce for Distributors and Wholesalers

Can your business afford to miss out on mobile commerce? A huge growth area for distributors and wholesalers, you can use Gemsuite to tap into a market that that is seeing year on year growth of 59%. Serious distributors and wholesalers know that a mobile commerce platform is vital. Want to benefit from this fast-selling market?

Comgem ensures distributors and wholesalers can take full advantage of a channel that offers huge potential for increased sales. Find out how Gemsuite can help you tap into this lucrative market.

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Excellent Support for B2C Ecommerce

Successful distributors and wholesalers know what sets Gemsuite apart from other B2B ecommerce solutions. It offers flexible B2C ecommerce.

Comgem has designed responsive B2C ecommerce websites that allow you to sell and distribute your products directly to consumers online. It even accept payments. Gemsuite delivers optimum user experience, irrespective of your customers browsing device.

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