Gemsuite will save you time and money. By automating those time consuming, admin heavy, repetitive jobs, you'll save money, time and improve your bottom line.

How Gemsuitecan Reduce Business Costs?

Our platform provides a comprehensive suite of solutions with a single aim, to reduce your costs. We can help you cut the costs of running your business by:

  • Our platform is cloud based, which means you don’t need to worry about expensive IT equipment that will depreciate. The IT infrastructure is all taken care of for you, allowing you to focus on to how best sell your products and services.
  • Paper costs money. Gone are the days of having to print and post information to your customers. You can simply email them instead.
  • More effectively manage your customer payment terms. For customers who continually push the payment boundaries you can insist on immediate payment, saving you time in chasing money you are owed.
  • Integrate with your in-house systems saving you the need to double key important information. Whether it is product stock levels, customer pricing, customer contacts or orders, our platform can be fully integrated so you can cut expensive admin time – and focus on selling.
  • Integrate with your suppliers ensuring you have the latest stock levels and cost pricing. Whats more, if supported we can automatically send your orders to suppliers in a variety of formats including EDI. You can save money managing your supply chain.
  • Automatically feed your website with the latest products at the right price. We can also do this across multiple channels including Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, saving you hours of having the manipulate excel spreadsheets.
  • Get away from having to set up individual customer pricelists. With the Comgem Platform you can simplify your pricing so that you make a desired profit margin for every customer. This means you spend less time on manipulating your prices – and focus on the tasks that will deliver the best returns.
  • Save time with your marketing activity. Set up automated marketing activities, which ensures you provide a targeted approach to your marketing campaigns. Based on customer interactions the Comgem Marketing Suite will automate customer communications, ensuring your message if targeted based
  • Automated business logic

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