A Global Ecommerce Solution

The World is your oyster with Comgem's International Ecommerce Solution.

Whether you are looking to expand into new international markets or develop existing ones, Comgem's International Ecommerce Solution can remove the barriers when trading overseas.

Why Customers Love Comgem's International Ecommerce Solution?

Our International Ecommerce solution provides customers with a flexible and scalable website that supports selling Worldwide. In addition to our standard ecommerce features, International support includes:

  • A single ecommerce website for multiple countries
  • Customers can either select international preferences or dynamically served based on IP address
  • Multi-lingual support including manual translation options or integrating with Google Translate
  • Multi-currency support including option for automatically updating based on currency fluctuations.
  • Country specific payment options
  • Manage your international product catalogue
  • Set up international shipping costs and options on a per country / region basis
  • Support for international taxation levels and rates

If you would like a demo of an award winning International Ecommerce Solution, please contact us on  01656 330 360.

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