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B2B ecommerce for leading manufacturers

Tired of online platforms that aren't built for your complex products and pricing? Comgem gives you the control and flexibility you need to showcase your products, manage orders efficiently, and reach new customers.

The B2B ecommerce solution built for manufacturers

  • Showcase your products: Easily manage complex variations (sizes, materials, etc.) and create detailed product descriptions that highlight your manufacturing expertise.
  • Flexible pricing: Set custom pricing for different customer groups, offer volume discounts, and streamline B2B quote generation.
  • Reach new markets: Sell directly to businesses or consumers (or both!) with a platform designed for your unique sales models.
  • Streamline order management: Automate order processing, reduce errors, and easily integrate with your existing inventory and shipping systems.
  • Own your brand experience: Create a website that reflects your manufacturing expertise and builds trust with buyers.

Skyrocket B2B sales: Maximise order size & customer loyalty

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