The Innovative Office Supplies Ecommerce Solution

Discover the advanced office products and business supplies ecommerce platform that integrates with leading distributors and offers real-time stock and pricing updates. 

Gemsuite is the award-winning B2B Ecommerce platform preferred by office supplies providers. Developed by Comgem, it combines user-friendly design with advanced features. Our industry-leading platform supports your B2B customer base and automatically sends orders to office product distributors, including Vow, Spicers and Exertis.

Office Supplies Ecommerce Software

Office product suppliers recommend Comgem’s powerful cloud-based B2B ecommerce solution because it supports complex customer relationships and pricing (including matrix pricing). Gemsuite’s comprehensive ecommerce CRM lets office product suppliers target different audiences and set rules based on the most cost effective option or preferred supplier. Discover a seamless B2B ecommerce solution that supports growth.

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Powerful B2B Ecommerce Features for Office Product Dealers

Discover how Gemsuite's B2B Ecommerce Platform can support the growth of your office supplies business with powerful features. Gemsuite is the ecommerce solution designed to improve the user experience. Its features put you in control.

  • Integrates with office supplies distributors
  • Real-time stock & pricing updates
  • Set rules based on most cost effective option
  • Automatically sends orders to distributors
  • Cost centre management & authorisation level support
  • Integrates with leading content providers including Spicers (inc Pimberly), Vow ePremium and Open Range data
  • Provides B2B support including customer based pricing as well as hidden pricing
  • Comprehensive CRM that identifies gaps in customer purchasing
  • Integrates with third party systems

Explore How Gemsuite Helps Office Product Dealers Revolutionise their Online Business



Use Gemsuite’s multisite option to target different audiences to increase sales. Benefit from a comprehensive CRM that helps office product dealers identify gaps in customer purchasing as well as quotations for individual customers.



Office product dealers recommend our multi-channel integration. It allows you to manage different channel rules, including stock thresholds and pricing. It integrates with leading office product distributors and content providers.



Deliver a consistent customer experience regardless of the customer’s browsing device or channel. Gemsuite ensures you have a detailed customer history at your fingertips. Sales teams utilise this information to exceed customer expectations.



Benefit from real-time stock and pricing updates. Automatically fulfil orders with a B2B ecommerce platform that integrates with market-leading distributors, including Vow, Spicers and Exertis. Set rules based on the most cost-effective option or preferred supplier.



Gemsuite delivers the tools you need to maintain and merchandise your products in real-time. Use Gemsuite to easily update products. Share them with your customers via multiple channels. Sell more by managing multiple brands and sites from one easy-to-use platform..



Comgem’s B2B ecommerce platform automates and streamlines repetitive tasks, including admin. Use Gemsuite to update supplier stock levels and customer orders. Manage customer communications. Office supplies sellers save an average of 40 hours a month with Gemsuite.

mCommerce for Office Product Dealers

Make your products more accessible with mobile commerce. A huge growth area for Office Supplies, you can use Gemsuite to tap into a market that that is seeing year on year growth of 59%. Successful office product dealers know that a mobile commerce platform is vital. Want to benefit from this fast-selling market?

Comgem ensures office product dealers can take full advantage of a channel that delivers huge potential for increased sales. Find out how Gemsuite can help you tap into this lucrative market.

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Excellent Support for B2C Ecommerce

Growing office supplies sellers know what sets Gemsuite apart from other B2B ecommerce solutions. It offers flexible B2C ecommerce.

Comgem has designed responsive B2C ecommerce websites that allow you to sell your office supplies direct to customers online and accept payments. It also delivers an optimum user experience, irrespective of your customers browsing device.

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Go Global: Sell Your Office Supplies to the World

Sell your office products globally with Gemsuite's International Ecommerce module.

Tap into lucrative or emerging international markets. Develop your existing offer and let global sales power growth in your business. Gemsuite’s International Ecommerce module removes barriers to trading overseas.

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