Where Is Trade Ecommerce Really Going?

Whether you distribute plastic building products to DIY stores or manufacture niche goods for the industrial sector, trade ecommerce could really get you noticed. If you haven’t thought about the potential for online sales, this article will explain the benefits as well as outline the tech that can help you build your business and improve its efficiency.

The UK government is so convinced that ecommerce is the way forward, it has surveyed firms to gauge current and future trends. If you don’t want your business to lag behind competitors, now is a good time to look at what selling on the web could do for your bottom line. To understand why ecommerce matters for trade brands, we talk to expert Dani Attard, of platform developer Comgem.

Trade ecommerce and buying trends

Dani, a co-founder of the multi award-winning trade hub website specialist, says many businesses have misconceptions about what trade ecommerce is. “Bang up to the minute ecommerce is about selling more with less effort. It doesn’t mean customers can’t pay on account or that anything significant has to change in your business,” she explains. “In fact, there are huge benefits to investing in advanced ecommerce websites because they let you manage offline and online sales in one place - while ensuring processes for both are the same. They save time while exposing your products to more potential buyers.”

Another misconception is that trade prices have to be on public display. “That is another myth,” Dani adds. “If you sell products in a highly competitive market, you may want to hide pricing information behind gated pages. That way, potential customers have to at least part with their contact information to view more. It’s powerful lead generation. Of course, many trade websites do display their prices and, increasingly, they are using technology to ensure they remain competitive.”

Pricing and shipping for trade ecommerce

Top trade ecommerce platforms ensure businesses can set prices that reflect market trends in real time. They can benefit from technology such as dynamic pricing and / or be based on order thresholds. Shipping can easily be determined on a range of factors and, for those who use suppliers, there are integrations to make everything easier. Industries that have shied away from ecommerce are waking up to its benefits.

Buyers in all sectors are constantly comparing products and prices to find the very best deals. How will they be able to include yours if you are not in the race? Whatever your business, trade ecommerce brings you closer to existing and new customers. It can help you market your products to the right audience and make even the most complex relationships and goods simpler.

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