What Ecommerce Services Does Your Business Need?

Ecommerce services is a broad term but important in the context of delivering the right online platform for growth. Without them, a B2B business could find itself struggling to keep up in a booming marketplace that is benefiting from year on year gains. So, what ecommerce services might your B2B ecommerce brand need?

To get an expert opinion, we asked Dani Attard, commercial director at Comgem. She is a co-founder of the business and knows website development inside out. Comgem is credited with developing Gemsuite, an award-winning ecommerce platform specifically designed for the B2B sector.

Ecommerce services: the basics

“A lot of businesses make their first mistake by investing in an off the shelf solution that cannot deliver the right customer journey,” says Dani. “For example, they may sign up to a platform that was developed for B2C - one that cannot deal with complex customers or complex products. I always advise a B2B business to map out their offline customer journey and ask themselves if their online solution can mirror it. If not, they need ecommerce services.”

Website development plays a key role in ecommerce success. It is the starting block. Good website development will ensure a business delivers consistency. Gemsuite, for example, can process offline as well as online orders. Made to measure website platforms make sense for niche markets and help to look after a brand’s reputation and customer relationships.

Hiring a friend or a freelancer who doesn’t have the skills to develop a bespoke website can be expensive in more ways than one. A website that doesn’t function properly can cost you hard-won business and a lot more. Dani says: “One of the biggest problems with dodgy developers is that they don’t properly scope a project. There is often a lack of leadership too and time wasted on design elements that just won’t work. They may try to reinvent the wheel and go completely off track.”

When ecommerce services are essential

Getting your design to not just look great but work with the functionality of your platform is crucial. That is why Comgem offers a website design service as well as custom website development. It also provides support for businesses when they implement a new platform. This can include the implementation itself, staff training and ongoing support.

Whatever your B2B ecommerce needs, ensure you work with a platform developer that knows how to scope a project and work to an agreed timescale. Insist the functionality of your site is thoroughly tested before it goes live to ensure it can deliver the experience your customers will expect. Get your website right and you will be well placed to cash in on huge potential growth.