Using Internet Data to Grow B2B Sales

Growing your B2B sales should be the stand-out priority in 2019. If the advent of GDPR has turned you off the importance of internet data, you are missing a trick. While there is a plethora of internet data providers out there, your own website may hold the key to future success. You can seek out those who collate billions of website searches and profile them, or you can invest in technology that ensures the information is always at your fingertips.

Independent internet data providers can be helpful if you want to hone the keywords you use in marketing to target new customers. But what about existing ones? You can increase the spend of individual customers by curating content and offers that are specifically tailored to their purchase history. You can use customised reporting tools to track spikes in sales and help you devise personalised marketing campaigns to plug any gaps.

B2B sales and the importance of data

At Comgem, we believe in using data to drive up engagement and reduce the number of abandoned carts. That is why we champion the use of real-time data in pricing and stock control to boost B2B sales. These integrations with suppliers and back office systems use data to help B2B ecommerce businesses remain competitive and visible.

But what about the future of internet data and B2B sales? Our Commercial Director is Dani Attard. She says:

“We know that companies do a lot of research online before committing to a purchase. However, if you can encourage a first-time customer to subscribe to your newsletter and special offers, you will already be one step ahead of the competition the next time the business needs to place an order.”

Using reports to plug gaps in customer spending

Forbes recently highlighted an important point: B2B ecommerce businesses need to understand their customers’ behaviour in order to identify selling opportunities. Cross-selling, upselling, customer retention… These are all buzzwords that actually mean something if you are serious about B2B sales and growing your market share.

Dani says:

“Our award-winning Gemsuite platform, which was specifically developed for businesses in the B2B ecommerce space, can provide insights through its comprehensive report builder. With a truly flexible report scheduler, you can access valuable information that identifies gaps in spending and offers you new opportunities. You can tailor your marketing or even prices to match the specific requirements of individual customers.”

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