Tips to Boost Your Business to Business Website in 2019

Welcome to 2019! This could be the year your business to business website really takes off. If you struggled to stay on top of ecommerce trends last year, Comgem’s New Year tips will help you set a fresh course. As the UK’s market-leading developer of cutting-edge ecommerce tech, Comgem knows how to make your products more visible and how you can sell more with less effort.

Reaching the right audience, automating even more processes and keeping your products profitable but competitive are real game changers.

Invest in the right tech

It may sound obvious, coming from an ecommerce developer, but investing in the right tech can save you money by making your business more efficient. If you choose wisely, you can power more sales while reducing costs. Top tech will deliver real-time data, more systems integration and personalised marketing using artificial intelligence.

Boost your social media presence

Drive traffic to your business to business website with carefully curated content that appeals to your target audience. Ensure it piques the interest, offers value and information that people will be searching for. Use keywords to make your social media posts searchable. Make sure you utilise Instagram and Pinterest, along with Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Focus on your audience

What matters most to your audience? Make sure your entire offer, including your content and marketing, hones in on your target market’s interests. Reward customers for their loyalty and turn casual website visitors into not just customers but fans of your brands.

Set goals and stick to them

Monitor your progress at regular intervals. Make sure your business to business website can help you identify gaps in customer spending. Don’t invest in an ecommerce solution that can’t deliver in-depth reports. Choose a platform that will help you fine tune your data with a flexible report scheduler and comprehensive report builder.

Improve your customer service

Meet an expected upturn in sales with better customer service. Make sure your business to business website can automate as many processes as possible. This includes initial responses to question, new subscribers, purchases and much more. Use auto responders to keep your website users in the loop at every stage of their customer journey.

Business to business website free guide

Find out what tech you will need to grow your business to business website in 2019. Download the completely free buyer’s guide from Comgem. Alternatively, book a no obligation demonstration of Gemsuite, the cutting-edge ecommerce platform, and find out what your business can achieve over the next 12 months.