The Ecommerce Platform for Office Supplies

Office supplies is a fast-paced, competitive marketplace. It requires robust ecommerce features to succeed online. Managing repeat orders, often from complex customers, demands advanced solutions designed to make your business run smoother. There is an ecommerce platform developer that has cornered this market - Comgem.

One of the reasons why Comgem is the name to trust for websites selling office supplies is its Gemsuite platform. It is packed with time-saving features that automate every-day admin tasks, making the customer journey faster and smoother. Not only that, it includes support for order pads to make the buying experience not just quicker but more convenient. But that is not all Gemsuite has to offer.

Gemsuite for office supplies brands

Gemsuite has cornered the office supplies ecommerce market with a raft of features that capture more leads and deliver more sales. It is responsible for websites operated by leading office supplies dealers, who appreciate the the fact that it makes products more visible to targeted audiences. Commercial director of Comgem, Dani Attard says: “Our customers love Gemsuite because it easily integrates with third party data providers as well as internal and external stock systems.

“Delivering outstanding search tools with filterable attributes, Gemsuite makes it effortless for brands to sell to new customers. Not only that, it makes adding new products and even whole new ranges really simple. Businesses can benefit from scheduled banners, real-time business data, advanced customer reports and a lot more.”

Office supplies ecommerce solution

As well as integrating with suppliers and multiple sales channels, Gemsuite offers dynamic pricing. It raises the bar when it comes to integrating with legacy software systems and payment providers. Whether you sell office furniture or consumables, this is the ecommerce platform that can take your business to the next level. With powerful automated marketing, customer segmentation and a brilliant customer relationship management system, Gemsuite ensures office supplies businesses have the tools to grow.

Developed to be flexible and efficient, Gemsuite lets you easily manage permissions and authorisation levels. With the ability to set and manage complex rules, it is no wonder more and more businesses selling office products are looking to Comgem for an ecommerce platform that is also an all-in-one business solution. The system is designed to support both on and offline sales and, best of all, everything can be managed from a single login.

With made to measure website development and training available, it is easy to see why Gemsuite is the market leader.