The Best Multi-Site Platform for Trade Ecommerce

 Managing more than one ecommerce website from a single login has obvious advantages. It saves time, keeps important information in one place and streamlines trade ecommerce. The rise of the multi-site platform has opened up new opportunities for those predominantly in the b2b sector. As well as giving established brands a window onto b2c sales, it has facilitated even greater diversification. Distributors and manufacturing companies are among those already reaping the rewards.

Businesses that break down their products or services into niche categories, or even separate entities altogether, often find having more than one website improves their reach and sales. It helps them to better define their offer and improve customer engagement. With this, however, can come extra work. Enter the multi-site platform to bring everything together and simplify things. It works well for both multi and single brand enterprises, but groups, distributors and franchises, in particular, are raving about the results. That is because they have cut costs while increasing sales with multi-site ecommerce.

Sound complicated? We asked an expert to explain.

Trade ecommerce and the multi-site platform

Fears about security, loss of brand identity and the perceived complexity of operating a multi-site platform are among the concerns holding many businesses back. The truth is, the best multi-site platform for trade ecommerce is really simple to use, totally secure and flexible.

Dani Attard is the Commercial Director of Comgem, the leading developer of trade ecommerce solutions in the UK. She points out:B2B businesses with more than one website can benefit enormously from multi-site ecommerce, if they invest in a platform that delivers flexible, centralised management. We believe that the best multi-site platform for b2b is Gemsuite  because it improves the efficiency of managing multiple catalogues and reduces overall admin tasks. It also ensures individual brand identities are retained.

On the topic of security, Dani explains: If you are looking for a super-secure multi-site platform, Gemsuite is the one that allows you to set differentiated permissions. It is flexible enough to allow you to easily manage permissions on a site-by-site basis. Not only that, it supports b2c as well as b2b and is fully optimised for mobile commerce.

Need a multi-site platform for trade ecommerce?

Comgem works with businesses from a wide range of sectors across the b2b sphere. Its name is synonymous with office products dealers, IT re-sellers and those in the promotional products space, not to mention manufacturing and distributors. Gemsuite is award-winning. It has advanced features and was developed to be user friendly.

If you want to streamline your trade ecommerce, find out more about the benefits of using the best multi-site platform.