Is Investment in Artificial Intelligence for Ecommerce Worth It?

Artificial intelligence is no longer just a buzzword. It is here. And it is making an impact. But is the cost of investing in AI for ecommerce worth it? According to global analysts, yes. Forbes ranks artificial intelligence as one of the most likely new technologies set for mass adoption in both the B2B and B2C sectors.

While Forbes has reported that niche markets, such as fast fashion e-tailers and baby products suppliers, could make a killing from adopting artificial intelligence, UK experts say the scope is much wider. Commenting on the potential of AI to drive unprecedented growth in B2B ecommerce, Dani Attard, of Comgem, says: “Where AI will pay dividends is in curating a more accurate picture of what website visitors really want. It will allow B2B ecommerce websites to more precisely analyse customer behaviours and react accordingly.”

Upselling with artificial intelligence

Dani explains: “Artificial intelligence can personalise your offer to meet customer expectations. It can be used to recommend products that individual customers are most likely to buy, significantly improving the B2B ecommerce sector’s ability to upsell. By analysing data, AI gets to know the preferences and spending habits of website users and tailors their visits to help businesses sell more.

“At Comgem, we have long believed in what Forbes is only just reporting - that AI is the key to huge growth in B2B ecommerce in the UK. So, when people ask us if artificial intelligence is worth investing in, we always respond by saying not just ‘yes’ but that it is an essential tool if you want stay at the top of your game.”

Artificial intelligence v personalisation

The Retail Gazette has rated artificial intelligence as the most difficult marketing strategy to implement. Personalisation was rated the second hardest. The simple truth is that AI delivers a more accurate version of personalisation. With the right tech, it can yield greater results.

Considered the ultimate goal of all ambitious ecommerce brands, AI is likely to really take off in 2019. Comgem says its importance will mirror that of automation and systems integration, two areas it has excelled in. Dani adds: “Artificial intelligence is not expensive when you consider the rewards. It delivers value. We have never underestimated its potential and believe it has an enduring future in B2B ecommerce.”

Latest tech for ecommerce

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