How to Manage the B2B Buyer Experience

We all know that a great buyer experience matters in B2B ecommerce. But how do you achieve the very best B2B buyer experience? Managing a customer’s purchase journey is important. To achieve high levels of customer retention the onus is on you to deliver an experience that is better than your competitors.

Many B2B businesses stick with outdated ecommerce solutions, even though they are often incompatible with legacy and back office systems. The fear of leaving behind the devil they know for a perceived upheaval, prevents them from enhancing their online offer - and, unsurprisingly, from attracting new customers. If you want your business to offer an improved buyer experience, managing the customer journey with advanced tech is an absolute ‘must’.

The B2B buyer experience in 2019

Comgem, the UK’s top ecommerce platform developer for B2B brands, understands the reasons why businesses stick with what they know. However, it points out:

“Ecommerce platforms that do not help you manage the B2B buyer experience are giving your rivals a competitive advantage. They will have the insights to ensure the the customer experience evolves with both expectations and trends. Not only that, they will be increasing their sales and Net Promoter Score.”

Studies suggest that B2B sales increase by around 1% every time a website’s Net Promote Score go up by 7%. Modern ecommerce technology allows businesses to significantly improve the B2B buyer experience by mapping the customer journey end-to-end. A good example is Comgem’s Gemsuite ecommerce platform. It enhances the customer journey with a raft of easy to use modules that have been specifically designed to engage decision makers.

Combining customer expectations and insights

With clever marketing and reporting tools, Gemsuite helps attract and retain customers by appealing to them on an emotional level. It delivers the insights needed to engage specific groups of customers and helps B2B ecommerce websites offer exceptional experiences with flawless design and navigation as well as a range of payment options.

Comgem says:

“To achieve a great B2B buyer experience, you need to deliver customer journeys that require low effort while engaging website visitors across multiple channels. Don’t forget, B2B buyers are tech savvy. So, it is paramount that your customer journey mirrors what your buyers do online. We keep the entire process simple by automating complex processes. At the same time, we drive sales with tech that supports the decision-making process and repeat orders.”

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