How A B2B Online Store Can Effectively Target Complex Customers

If you run a B2B online store, complex customers are par for the course. That’s why you need to ensure that you can cater for their needs and be confident you meet those requirements effectively and efficiently. Understanding what makes multi-faceted customers tick is important. It will help you tailor your offer and increase sales.

The truth is, you won’t attract potential big customers unless your B2B online store is geared to meet complex needs. Finding the technology to support your goals - and meet customer expectations - can be challenging. This is an arena that does not suit off-the-shelf platforms. And it is why Comgem, an award-winning developer of B2B online store solutions, suggests you focus on the following areas.

Multi level authorisation

Complex customers require multi level authorisation. You need to ensure that this is built into your online store. Consider not just authorisation but budgets. Make sure your website can effectively manage users and permissions. At the same time, make it easy for complex customers to re-order products with order pads and a fully searchable site.

Cost centre management

You can manage costs by integrating your B2B online store with suppliers and distributors. Not only that, you can drive down overheads and push up sales by automatically updating prices to reflect real-time cost trends. Getting this area of your online store right will generate more leads, reduce costs and help you more effectively manage products.

How to retain complex customers

Dani Attard, Commercial Director of Comgem, says: “Retaining complex customers hinges on your ability to deliver great user experiences - not just the first time someone visits your store buy every time. Automating complex processes and ensuring your online store is easy to navigate are great starts. But, to really attract and retain complex customers, you need to do more.

“You can better manage customers by investing in an ecommerce solution that allows you to show different catalogues and different prices to separate groups of customers. This way, your products will always be attractive and competitively priced.”

Customer pricing lists that are geared to the individual customer take personalised marketing to a new level. The best B2B online stores use technology that identifies gaps in customer spending and responds with marketing that is designed to fill those gaps.

More B2B online store hacks

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