What You Need to Know About Ecommerce Solutions for Personalised Products

Personalised products are big business. In fact, they are a major growth area for almost all online sellers - both B2B and B2C. Whether you sell personalised workwear or retail gifts, personalisation is where it is at. The eleventh edition of the Deloitte Consumer Review throws the spotlight on mass personalisation of made-to-order products. It heralds personalisation as being at the very core of customer service.

Research has found that businesses and consumers looking to buy tailor-made products are often willing to pay more. The premium is said to be as high as 20 per cent. And, more often than not, customers are happy to wait longer to receive a personalised product. As well as appealing to every age group, personalised goods attract a better engagement rate and encourage buyers to feel closer to brands.

Sell personalised products or plan to?

If you don’t currently sell personalised products, you are missing out. That is the view of Dani Attard, Commercial Director of Comgem. “If technology is what is holding you back, take a look at the options now available,” she said. “Advanced ecommerce websites can really draw the buyer in - letting them add their own bespoke finishing touches to products and see the end result on screen. Whether they want to put a photo on a T-shirt or have a logo embroidered on a jacket, the tech exists to make it not just a seamless experience but a really enjoyable one.

“Outdated websites that cannot offer this type of engagement are really behind the times. Modern platforms can personalise not just products but individual customer journeys too - from pricing and themes to the offers they can see. Personalising products is only one part of the overall personalisation success story.”

The ecommerce platform for personalised products

If you are in the market for a website platform delivering future proof tech for personalised products, take a look at what Comgem has to offer. It makes product customisation effortless, ensuring website visitors feel more invested in their purchases. As well as making the process straightforward, its platforms increase product visibility online and comes with powerful features to help you target the right audiences.

Dani says: “Product personalisation is no longer just about clothing, furniture and business supplies. It really does encompass a very wide spectrum of sectors and buyer types. If you are looking to grow your business, personalised products is the way to go.”

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