Does Your Ecommerce Website Send Orders To A Delivery Hub?

The delivery hub is expanding horizons for even the relatively small ecommerce website business. With drop-shipping, using overseas suppliers, not cutting it against a backdrop of next day delivery expectations, major distribution centres in the UK are now the backbone of both B2B and B2C. They offer vast expanses of storage space and provide the logistics needed to meet buyer demands.

If your business is planning to use a delivery hub or distribution centre, how will your website process orders? Will they have to be physically re-routed to the distributor or does your ecommerce solution automatically send the required information? Experts say the latter should be the preferred method - because it is cheaper and reduces the chances of any errors.

Automated ecommerce and the delivery hub

Automated ecommerce is big business. Dani Attard, commercial director of website developer Comgem, says: “Speeding up the order process improves delivery times. This is important in a climate where everyone wants everything yesterday. Being able to get orders to a delivery hub instantly ensures orders are fulfilled on time. This isn’t just good for customer satisfaction levels, its good for business too because it encourages repeat orders.

“The big distribution centre, warehouse or delivery hub is where ecommerce is making big inroads. Sleek operations make fulfillment effortless and fast. If you are already, or are considering, using a major distribution centre, you will need an ecommerce website capable of integrating with it. That is why we developed Gemsuite to include a wide range of integrations, including with distributors.”

Integration with distributors

Developed by Comgem, Gemsuite is award-winning because it makes selling online effortless. In part, this is because of its capability to integrate with distribution centres. It simplifies the ordering process and makes managing orders easier. It is exceptionally useful to an ecommerce business that wants to ship products either direct from a manufacturer, wholesaler or warehouse.

With more ecommerce players buying into warehousing with a distribution capability, now is the time to look at how you can save money and improve order fulfillment with advanced technology. Comgem says it improves the supply chain and helps businesses better manage stock, with the ability to use real time data to stay one step ahead. As well as keeping track of stock levels, it even helps you identify trends and new opportunities.

How is your business managing orders?