B2B Ecommerce Best Practices You Need to Succeed

B2B ecommerce is on fire. It is on course to be twice the size of B2C ecommerce in less than two years. Do you want your B2B business to profit from this growth market? Be successful in B2B ecommerce by following the Comgem guide to best practices.

Knowing what will make your ecommerce website attract and retain customers is crucial. This expanding market requires flexibility, integration and a great user experience. Technology designed for B2B businesses ensures you deliver a seamless user experience. It lowers costs and saves time. Importantly, it will help you sell more and increase profits.

Follow these best practices. They will ensure your B2B ecommerce website stays ahead of the competition.

Make your website user friendly

A great design and easy navigation is a good starting point. But your ecommerce website needs to provide users with a seamless experience. Make your processes flow to reduce cart abandonments. Display prices and shipping costs clearly. Transparency is everything in ecommerce.

Ensure product descriptions contain powerful calls to action. Entice website visitors to buy. Create descriptions that give them a real feel for your products. Less is not more in ecommerce. Provide customers with as much information as you can. Make it easy for new visitors to sign up and start buying.

Integrate your ecommerce website

Make your business more efficient and improve the user experience with integration. Make sure your B2B ecommerce website can integrate with existing systems. Does it automatically update stock levels? Can it integrate with distributors, content providers and suppliers? Does it work with a range of payment processing providers?

Integration is the biggest driver of growth in B2B ecommerce. It allows businesses to sell more with less effort. It reduces costs, saves time and improves the user experience. If your ecommerce website needs integration features, talk to Comgem. We are market-leading developers of innovative B2B ecommerce technology.

Personalise your marketing

Enhance your customers’ buying experiences with personalisation. Invest in technology that uses personalisation to increase customer loyalty. Boost repeat orders that give customers a tailored experience. Comgem has developed technology that lets you segment customers. Segmentation can reflect their order history, location and interests. This powerful marketing tool has many benefits.

Using personalisation features on your ecommerce website lets you create targeted promotions. You can tailor incentives and sell more without having to resort to paid advertising. Automated personalisation is a huge driver of growth in online B2B sales. Find out more from Comgem.

Invest in mobile commerce

More and more businesses are buying from ecommerce websites using mobile technology. Is your B2B business embracing mobile commerce? This huge growth market offers real potential to increase profits. In fact, without it, your business will trail behind competitors.

Why does your business need mobile commerce? Last year mobile sales grew by 59 per cent. The trend is predicted to keep on growing. If your B2B business is relying on desktop ecommerce sales it is not keeping up with buying trends.

Want to ensure your B2B ecommerce website meets best practices today and tomorrow? Contact Comgem and discover how the right technology can help you sell more with less effort.