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Prima Software

Integrate your Comgem ecommerce platform with Prima Software.

Prima Software Integration

Our Prima Software ecommerce integration enables smooth synchronisation of data between your Comgem online store and Prima Software's back-office system. Effortlessly access customer accounts, addresses, and push order details in real-time.

    • Pull Customer Accounts and Addresses from Prima
      Access and manage customer data effortlessly, ensuring smooth communication and personalised experiences.
    • Push Customer Orders into Prima
      Seamlessly transfer customer orders to Prima for efficient fulfilment, saving time and improving order processing.

Prima Integration Made Easy - Here's How

Getting your Prima integration up and running is a straightforward process with Comgem. We've streamlined the steps to ensure a hassle-free experience for you:

  • Consultation and Quotation
    Book a consultation with our experts to discuss your integration requirements. Our team will assess your needs and provide you with a detailed quotation, tailoring the integration to your business.
  • Provide Prima API Keys
    To proceed with the integration, provide us with the relevant Prima API keys, including your db key and user key. These secure credentials allow us to establish a reliable connection with Prima.
  • Confirm Cash Account for Non-Account Customer Orders
    If applicable, confirm your cash account for non-account customer orders. This step ensures smooth processing of non-account orders.
  • Configuration and Testing
    Our expert team will configure the integration and run thorough tests to ensure flawless data transfer and integration performance.

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