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Integrate your Comgem ecommerce platform with OpenRange for rich product data.

Get The Spec with OpenRange Integration

OpenRange's "Get The Spec" integration offers a wealth of essential products information.

  • Product Descriptions: Equip your ecommerce platform with compelling and detailed product descriptions, creating an immersive shopping experience for your customers.
  • Product Images: Showcase your products in their best light with high-quality images, captivating your audience and boosting conversion rates.
  • Product Features: Highlight the key features and functionalities of each product, allowing customers to make well-informed purchasing choices.
  • Technical Specifications: Provide customers with essential technical details, building trust and credibility in your products.
  • Filterable Attributes: Facilitate easy navigation and filtering by offering a wide range of attributes, ensuring customers can find exactly what they need.
  • PDFs and Media Content: Supplement your product information with downloadable PDFs, videos, and media content, offering in-depth insights into your offerings.

Integration Steps:

  • Book a Consultation: Kickstart the integration process by booking a consultation with our experts. Discuss your requirements, and receive a tailored quotation for comprehensive support.
  • Commercial Agreement with OpenRange: Ensure you have a commercial agreement directly with OpenRange (Get The Spec) and the relevant subscription to access their robust data.
  • Data Access Details: OpenRange will provide you with essential details for Comgem to access your data files through FTP.
  • Integration Setup: Comgem will set up the integration to synchronize the data into your platform, pulling the product data from OpenRange's predefined format typically on a weekly basis.
  • Test and Validate: To ensure a smooth integration, Comgem will perform thorough testing alongside you to confirm that the data is seamlessly populating your ecommerce website.

Comgem does not control the coverage or quality of third-party data. However, with the tools available within Comgem, you can set up category mappings based on UNSPCC codes and map manufacturers for different suppliers, accommodating varying naming conventions.

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