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Integrate Comgem's ecommerce platform with Mailgun for maximum email deliverability.

Mailgun Integration

With Mailgun integration, say goodbye to email deliverability worries. Focus on running your business while Mailgun takes care of the technicalities, ensuring your transactional emails reach your customers' inboxes flawlessly.

How Does Mailgun Integration Work?

  • Access to Your Domain
    Ensure you have access to your domain settings so you can make necessary adjustments.
  • Add Comgem's Domain Settings
    We'll provide you with domain settings to add to your domain. This enables Mailgun to handle your email deliverability effortlessly.
  • Verification and Test Email
    After adding the domain settings, we'll verify the configuration, and you can send a test email to ensure everything works perfectly.

Flexible Email Sending Options

Generic Domain
Don't have domain access or facing difficulties with domain settings? No worries! We can send emails from a generic domain on your behalf.

Use Your Mailgun Account
If you prefer using your own Mailgun account, that's not a problem. Book a consultation, and we'll discuss your requirements and provide a tailored quotation.

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