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Integrate your Comgem platform with Mailchimp.

Mailchimp integration

Integration Option 1: Embed Mailchimp Sign-Up Forms

Empower your website with Mailchimp sign-up forms using our user-friendly content management system. Easily grow your email list and foster valuable customer relationships.

Integration Option 2: Automatic Customer Synchronisation

Automate customer data synchronisation between your website and Mailchimp. New customer registrations are seamlessly pushed to Mailchimp, allowing you to engage and nurture leads effortlessly.

Option 1: Embed Mailchimp Sign-Up Forms - It's Easy!

  • Login to Your Comgem CMS
    Access your Comgem content management system securely.
  • Select the Desired Page
    Navigate to the specific page where you want to add the Mailchimp sign-up form.
  • Add a Placeholder
    Create a placeholder on the page where the form will appear.
  • Insert the Mailchimp Form Code
    Click on the HTML view and paste the Mailchimp form code as an iframe.
  • Save Your Changes
    Save the page, and your Mailchimp sign-up form is now live and ready to capture leads!

Option 2: Automate Customer Synchronisation - Book a Consultation

  • Click the Consultation Link
    Book a consultation with us to discuss your automatic customer synchronization needs. We'll provide a tailored quotation for seamless integration.
  • Provide Mailchimp Account Details
    Share your Mailchimp account information with our experts to set up the relevant integration.
  • Testing and Confirmation
    Our team will run a comprehensive test to ensure successful synchronisation. You'll verify that the customer email addresses are accurately sent to Mailchimp.

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