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ECi Horizon

Integrate your Comgem ecommerce platform with ECi Horizon.

Seamless Ecommerce Integration with ECI Horizon

Discover how our ECI Horizon integration enhances your ecommerce operations with real-time data synchronisation. Empower your online store with accurate information and efficient order processing.

    • Customer Accounts and Addresses
      Effortlessly access and manage customer data, ensuring smooth communication and personalised experiences.
    • Customer Contacts
      Keep your customer database up-to-date with essential contact information for effective communication.
    • Real-Time Pricing
      Get the most accurate pricing information for a dynamic pricing strategy. Note that certain limitations with the API and Horizon may impact functionality.

    Customer Orders - Streamlined and Effortless

    We push customer orders into ECI Horizon using the API. Enjoy seamless order processing while ensuring accurate pricing from Horizon.

    Flexible Pricing Management - Your Choice

    Choose how you manage pricing. If you prefer to control pricing in Comgem, we can push orders to Horizon using FTP, adhering to your preferred pricing strategy.

ECI Horizon Ecommerce Integration Made Easy - Here's How

Getting your ECI Horizon integration up and running is a straightforward process with Comgem. We've streamlined the steps to ensure a hassle-free experience for you:

  • Consultation and Quotation: Book a consultation with our experts to discuss your ecommerce integration needs. Our team will provide you with a detailed quotation tailored to your requirements.
  • Provide API Access with ECI: Liaise with ECI to provide access to the API. This step is crucial for establishing a seamless connection between Comgem's ecommerce platform and ECI Horizon.
  • Share API Credentials: Provide the Comgem team with your API username, API password, and cash account code. These credentials ensure secure and reliable data transfer.
  • Custom Pricing Management (Optional): If you choose to manage pricing in Comgem, we can push orders in XML format to an FTP location for Horizon to pull in. Confirm the FTP details within Horizon for a smooth process.
  • Set Up and Testing: Our team will set up the ecommerce integration and run a test order. Once verified, you'll receive confirmation that the order has landed as expected.

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