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Exertis Supplies

Sell smarter, not harder. Integrate with Exertis Supplies for seamless B2B ecommerce & ERP.

Integrate with Exertis Supplies

Connect your B2B store to Exertis Supplies automate everything and benefit from:

  • Always-accurate product info & pricing: No more outdated listings, keep customers happy with instant updates.
  • Lightning-fast order processing: Remove the need for manual data entry entry, automatic updates mean orders fly through.
  • Streamlined invoices & workflows: Simplify your back-office with automated invoicing and data matching.

Getting started with your Exertis integration

  • Connect with our experts
    Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs and get a personalised quote for setting up the integration.
  • Exertis account
    Make sure you have an active account with Exertis to proceed.
  • Seamless data flow
    Our team will handle the technical setup, connecting your store and Exertis for automatic data exchange for products as well as EDI ordering.
  • Test and launch
    We'll run a comprehensive test with you to ensure everything works perfectly before launch.

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