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Dams Furniture

Integrate seamlessly with Dams to unlock a world of rich product data, automated variations and flexible pricing.

Dams Furniture

Comgem provides full support for importing rich product data from Dams, including variations like different sizes and colours of tables. You can now offer your customers a diverse range of products, boosting sales and enhancing the shopping experience.

Automated Variation Selection

Dams' data allows for variations in product offerings, and Comgem's integration seamlessly handles this by auto-selecting the appropriate variation when customers visit a product details page. This ensures that your customers can easily make their selections and proceed to checkout, enhancing their overall shopping journey.

Pricing Flexibility

While Dams may not provide cost pricing, Comgem empowers you to set your own pricing based on the RRP (Recommended Retail Price) of each product. This flexibility allows you to stay competitive and maximize profitability while offering your customers the best deals.

Customised Delivery Options

Comgem fully caters to Dams' differentiated delivery options, including additional services like installation. With Comgem's robust platform, you can offer a range of delivery choices to your customers. If you have multiple delivery options enabled on your site, Comgem will accurately split out the basket based on supplier and delivery options, allowing for multiple delivery charges per basket.

Simple Integration Steps

  • Create a Dams Account: Ensure you have an active account with Dams to proceed with the integration.
  • Select Dams in the Supplier Section: Within Comgem's user-friendly platform, simply choose Dams as your data source, and the rich product data will be automatically added to your website.
  • Configure Shipping and Pricing: Customize your shipping and pricing options directly within the Comgem platform to offer your customers the best shopping experience.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our dedicated support team is here to help. Explore the full potential of your ecommerce platform with Dams integration and take your business to new heights!

Contact Our Support Team for Assistance and Start Integrating with Dams Today!

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