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CTS Wholesale

Sell smarter, not harder. Integrate with CTS Wholesale for seamless B2B ecommerce & ERP.

CTS Wholesale Integration

Benefit from Comgem's ecommerce and backoffice integration with CTS Wholesale. Here's what you can achieve:

  • Rich Product Data
    Enjoy the benefits of detailed product information provided by CTS Wholesale, ensuring your ecommerce platform is equipped with comprehensive and up-to-date product details.
  • Pricing and Stock Updates
    Keep your pricing and stock levels in sync effortlessly. With CTS Wholesale integration, rest assured that your customers will access accurate pricing and real-time stock availability.
  • Efficient Order Processing
    Say goodbye to manual order handling. Push orders seamlessly to CTS Wholesale via EDI for efficient and automated order processing.
  • Acknowledgement Management
    Stay informed about order statuses with automated acknowledgments from CTS Wholesale, ensuring smooth order fulfillment.
  • Streamlined Invoicing
    Simplify your invoicing process by pulling purchase invoices from CTS Wholesale, making accounting and financial management a breeze.

Setting Up Your CTS Wholesale Integration:

  • CTS Wholesale Account
    Ensure you have an active account with CTS Wholesale to proceed with the integration.
  • FTP Setup with CTS Wholesale
    Request CTS Wholesale to set up FTP locations for:
    • Pushing rich product data
    • Pushing stock and pricing updates
    • Electronic ordering
  • Seamless Integration
    Once you provide Comgem with access to the FTP locations, we'll initiate the integration process, ensuring smooth data synchronisation between your systems.
  • Test and Confirm
    Comgem will run a comprehensive test alongside you to confirm the integration's success, ensuring everything functions as expected.

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