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Integrate seamlessly and offer a vast product selection with up-to-date pricing & availability.

Antalis integration

Comgem empowers you to import Antalis' rich product data, real-time pricing, and live availability, all in one click.

Comprehensive Product Data

Empower your customers with comprehensive product information. Antalis integration allows you to enrich your platform with detailed descriptions and specifications, fostering informed purchase decisions.

Real-Time Pricing and Availability

Stay ahead in the competitive market with real-time pricing and availability updates from Antalis. Your customers will benefit from accurate pricing information, fostering trust and confidence in your offerings.

Integration Made Simple

Getting started with Antalis integration is effortless! All you need is:

  • An Active Antalis Account: Ensure you have an account with Antalis to proceed with the integration.
  • FTP Setup with Antalis: Request Antalis to set up FTP locations where the rich product data and stock and pricing information will be automatically pushed.
  • Mapping Data Imports: In the supplier section of Comgem, effortlessly map the data files to synchronise the product data, pricing, and availability into your platform.

Seamlessly integrate with Antalis and optimise your business operations. Enhance your product offerings, stay competitive with real-time pricing updates, and provide your customers with a stellar experience.

Experience the Power of Antalis Integration with Comgem Today!

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