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Reach the right customers with targeted email campaigns

Stop sending emails that get ignored. Connect with the right customers, send relevant messages, and turn email into a powerful marketing channel.

Target and create eye-catching email campaigns

  • Easily group your customers: Put customers into lists based on their interests, purchase history, or any other factor that matters to your business.
  • Create lists that update automatically: Set rules so customers are automatically added to the right lists based on their behaviour.
  • No coding needed: Use our drag-and-drop builder to design professional emails in minutes.
  • Works on any device: Your emails will look great on phones, tablets, and computers.
  • Personalise your messages: Automatically include customer names, and other details.

Send at the perfect time & track results

  • Test before you send: Make sure your emails look the way you want them to.
  • Send now or schedule for later: Choose the time that's most likely to get your emails opened and read.
  • See who opens your emails: Know which emails are getting attention and which ones aren't.
  • Track clicks: Find out which products or offers customers are most interested in.

Skyrocket B2B sales: Maximise order size & customer loyalty

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b2b ecommerce integrations
b2b ecommerce integrations

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