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Integrated CRM

Build stronger relationships with your customers, close more deals, and streamline your sales operations. Our CRM tools give your team everything they need to manage customer interactions, track opportunities, and hit their sales targets.

 B2B Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

An ecommerce CRM like Comgem is tailored specifically for businesses that sell online. It enables them to manage customer relationships, track online interactions, and personalise marketing efforts based on customer behaviour and preferences within the ecommerce environment.

Yes, a CRM is essential for ecommerce businesses. It helps manage customer data, track sales, analyse customer behaviour, and create personalised marketing campaigns. By centralising customer information and streamlining communication, it enhances the customer experience and drives sales growth.

Comgem includes a built-in CRM, which seamlessly integrates with your Comgem ecommerce platform, providing a unified system for managing customer relationships and sales processes. It offers real-time insights, automates tasks, and facilitates personalised interactions, leading to improved customer satisfaction, higher conversions, and increased revenue.

Key features of an ecommerce CRM like Comgem include customer data management, sales pipeline tracking, marketing automation, email campaigns, customer segmentation, lead scoring, and reporting/analytics. These features empower you to understand your customers better, engage with them effectively, and drive business growth.

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