Winning Ecommerce Strategies for IT Resellers

Expanding a business online often sounds easier than it actually is. To be successful, IT resellers need to embrace trends. They must ensure their ecommerce strategies are robust enough to perform but flexible enough to quickly respond to market changes. Having the right tools to achieve growth is beneficial not just for capturing new leads but for building lasting relationships.

The B2B market requires more than B2C. It demands more information about products, scalable pricing and an ecommerce system that automates complex products, processes and relationships. When it comes to planning ecommerce strategies, Comgem, the UK’s market-leading developer of B2B business solutions, has some sound advice.

Re-target customers with personalised marketing

Comgem’s commercial director, Dani Attard, is a firm advocate of personalised marketing - especially when it is automated. She explains: “The IT needs of businesses change all the time. Staying in touch is important - to ensure your brand is there when your customers need you. Automated marketing is effortless yet an extremely valuable tool for IT resellers when it comes to helping you maintain customer relationships.

“Make sure your ecommerce platform is capable of triggering email campaigns. At the same time, ensure your website is integrated with social media channels so you can share content without wasting any time. You may also want to consider using advanced price optimisation tools such as dynamic pricing. That is because your customers are most likely to compare prices for items such as printers. This tech will ensure your price is always better than your competitors, improving not just a product’s online visibility but orders too.”

IT resellers and market-driven ecommerce

Gemsuite is Comgem’s cloud-based ecommerce platform for IT resellers. It delivers a wide range of benefits including a powerful CRM. This customer relationship management tool allows users to target different audiences through customer segmentation and identify gaps in spending habits. It ensures your business can respond quickly so you never miss an opportunity to increase sales.

Among the IT resellers already benefiting from Gemsuite is Comcen, a leading name in IT for more than three decades. As well as benefiting from supplier integration, the company’s platform supports customer reports and multiple authorisation levels. It is super user-friendly and includes a trade-only website as well as punch out support for procurement. There is a full case study on Comgem’s website.

If you are re-thinking your ecommerce strategy, now is the right time to consider how you will deliver the very best customer experience while growing your business.