Why Successful Ecommerce Brands Stand Out

Successful ecommerce brands have more than one trick up their sleeve. As well as embracing advanced tech, they use something else to stay ahead of their competitors. Evolution. They recognise that consumer tastes and markets change, and constantly evolve their offer, messaging and prices. They do this to outwit rivals and tap into subtle shifts in customer spending habits – before emerging trends disrupt sectors.

The need to constantly adapt and develop revenue streams is most notable in B2C. However, where retailers have led the way, B2B brands are following closely behind. Ecommerce expert Dani Attard says flexible ecommerce solutions are making evolution easier and helping savvy brands to stand out from the crowd. Dani, of Comgem, points to the rise in demand for personalised products, faster delivery times and unique customer experiences – all hard to achieve without flexible and integrated ecommerce solutions.

Evolution and the B2B brand

Retailers can take the credit for spearheading an explosion in successful ecommerce, but there are business to business players who have also made their mark. They include IT resellers and manufacturers, who have adapted their online offer to generate more leads and drive up sales. “They have recognised that a personalised approach to online selling and faster delivery times will make them stand out from competitors,” said Dani. “In the case of manufacturing, the recognition that branded and personalised products are in vogue has widened their scope.”

But the biggest driver of successful ecommerce can be summed up in one word – uniqueness. Dani says, buyers are turned off by brands that simply attempt to copy what someone else is already doing. “Being unique – and keeping it that way – is the secret of the most successful names in ecommerce. So, they don’t just evolve, they are different,” she adds.

Successful ecommerce is more than brand image

It is not just what a company sells, it is how it sells. Dani says: “Successful ecommerce is often based on doing things differently from competitors. While it is not always easy to get this right, it can be a powerful driver of not just sales but customer retention. The use of technology to deliver that difference is pivotal. Being unique is not just about brand image, it is about the way you interact with customers and keep your offer fresh and relevant to your audience.

“Flexible ecommerce is the key to evolution. It ensures a business can be different while offering the products customers want, when they want it and at the right price.”